From Universal Principles of Design

“The 80/20 rule asserts that approximately 80 percent of the effects generated by any large system are caused by 20 percent of the variables in that system.  …

80 percent of a product’s usage involves 20 percent of its features.
80 percent of a town’s traffic is on 20 percent of its roads.
80 percent a company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of its products.
80 percent of progress comes from 20 percent of the effort.
80 percent of errors are caused by 20 percent of the components.”


On a more personal note, last night was All Cal.  As awesome as it would have been to win first, we still got second place, and we still partayed after (with 6 generations of ACA).  I was initially disheartened, but then swiftly reminded that I am not on the team for external validation.  External validation probably wouldn’t even be in my top-ten list of reasons for being on ACA if I were to ever make such a list.

Here is said list (besides number 1, in no particular order)

1) Love (not the fairy-tale love, but the unconditional-family-doesn’t-always-give-you-joy-but-usually-does-but-doesn’t-matter-cuz-I-just-love-and-would-do-anything-for love)
– THE PEOPLE, the family
– Doing what I love with family
– It brings out the best in me
– The bonds I’ve made that I vow to keep in my life til I die
– The growth I’ve had
– The ability to contribute to something beyond me
– Watching other people blossom
– All the inside jokes, memories, crazy shat
– Competition, innovating, never-ending upward pressure
– There is more, but I am slightly hungover and cannot think

All that being said, the Monarchs have much to be proud of last night, and much more to be proud of that goes way beyond last night.


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