word, mum

I thought to myself.. hrmm. What to write about today? And then BAM it fucking hit me – IT’S MOTHER’S DAY.

San Francisco is a pretty neat place, I really like the blend of fogginess and sun, and the neat non-superficial vibe of the entire city.

No but really, as much as I dislike when my mom nags about money whenever I talk on the phone with her or laugh at her Engrish text messages, I love her to death and she holds my utmost respect. Whenever I feel discouraged, I look at what my mom perseveres through (and the rest of my family for that matter) and I laugh at what I’m stressed about. She started with nothing but a nursing background in China, came here and started a successful restaurant with my dad, piggy-backed me on her shoulders as we watched our restaurant burn down at 4AM by someone who idiotically attempted insurance fraud, simultaneously learned nursing prerequisites (anatomy, physiology, etc) and English through a Chinese-English dictionary, graduated at the top of her class, works NIGHT SHIFTS and then goes to ANOTHER day shift job, dealt/s with me and my sister, and still comes home everyday with a smile. The longest run-on sentence in the world could not contain my mom or do her justice.

Happy Mother’s day!


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