i love coming home

I was almost tempted to title the entry “I love coming” but I wasn’t feeling that bold.

I love coming home though. Of course, the main point of coming home is to see my family and friends that I’ve known forever (some since kindergarten). But I actually relish in the process of driving home for 6 hours by myself. It’s a good reason to just be alone for 12 hours round trip, awake, uninterrupted by demands, emails, shit to do, distractions, whatever. It’s almost like defragmenting my brain. I usually get like a good hour in of continuous singing and upper-body dancing, and I always have a buttload of thoughts and things I wish I could write down while driving. Maybe it’s not exactly therapy for everyone, but for me, I get a good chunk of reflection, introspection, singing, dancing, planning, and creativity out into the open.

One of the thoughts that survived my memory is to start a morning ritual. It has to have the same level of importance as brushing my teeth or showering, because I usually feel disgusting if I don’t. I actually started this morning, but it took like an hour, and generally I probably won’t have an hour for everything everyday. I’m aiming for the whole thing to take under 30 minutes, and I’m aiming to have a shorter 5 minute alternative if I’m really rushed.

Currently on the list… definitely subject to change
– drinking tea
– playing guitar for a few minutes
– freestyling for 30-60 seconds
– taking one picture
– meditate / sit in my closet
– yoga if i knew how
– journal for a few minutes
– review my daily plan / make one

For sure I have to get my body ready for the day, my mind in the right state, and my emotions at peak. It’d be kinda cool to just select from a menu, as long as I get my mind, body, and emotions where they need to be, so I’m not locked into a routine.  ANY SUJJESTIONS?


4 thoughts on “i love coming home”

  1. drinking a hot cup of tea in the morning feels soooo good…the feeling of warmth slowly spreads through your body when you take your first sip….though i usually dont have time in the morning to do so. i tried once but i ended up burning myself real bad…never gulp hot tea…but seaslab has good jasmine green =]…i like singing in the morning..have a playlist of your favorite songs and just sing along LOUDLY!! it feels great and it always makes me smile in the morning…sigh…back to antennas now -_-

  2. I love the idea of a morning routine, but never seem to drag myself out of bed early enough to have a real one besides hitting the snooze button too many times, then rushing to get through all the hygienic stuff and get to work on time. But good for you! One of my favorite things to do when I have time in the morning though is read the news, or at least skim the headlines. Good luck with your morning routine! This is inspiration for me to get up earlier, haha.

    1. Yeah I usually lie in bed for 30 minutes – 1 hour before I actually have to get up.. not good. We’ll see how this goes… I might make a note on facebook and have crazy ass friends force me to do stuff if I don’t wake up at a certain time. Who knows, haha.

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