quite the trip

The past day was quite the trip..

I woke up, no longer coord or dancer of ACA.  (Soon to be an active annoying alumni though.)

I picked up my cap/gown/tassel.  Holy shit.  As much as I talked about graduation.. it’s just crazy to actually be at this moment.  I think graduating from college was like probably the last thing I had really planned out for my life when I was in middle school.  I didn’t even really know what twenty-somethings were like, cuz all I knew were video games and pokemon and yoyos and rollerblades.

I confirmed that I am going to be employed for at least a year or two.  Last summer, I could not find an engineering industry internship for the life of me (still, actually).  So instead I just joined as many research labs/projects as I could commit to, and at the end of the summer, I got a referral from one of my labs for another lab.  The rest is (boring, uneventful) history.  I’ve been solely working there part-time ever since, and although the pay is not quite as much as an engineering entry level position, it’s way more than enough for me at this age.  It’s results-based, so hours are flexible (and sometimes remotely from home) as long as I get my shat done, and I’m not working full time so I can figure other aspects of my life out.  I’m pretty excited, because I feel I have found a solid, flexible, supportive foundation for the road to financial freedom.

I didn’t feel like being inside my apartment, so I aimlessly drove around and ended up in Venice Beach.  It was pretty cold, and dark, and borderline scary cuz I am a light-skinned skinny Asian walking around alone amidst a few homeless people.  But it was still pretty relaxing, a break from Westwood.  I think the picture is of a bathroom in Venice.  Siiick.   I intended to just sit down somewhere nice and somewhat secluded to write some random goals and things down just for fun, but I only stayed for 30 minutes cuz it was freakin cold, and I didn’t have a pen.  Good story.

I then decided, on a whim, to check out the Anderson library’s book stacks.  THERE IS SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE THERE.  It’s insane how many pages you can come up with about something as specific as Scotland’s Tax History.  Most of the stacks were kinda dry, boring, and outdated, but two aisles were goldmines.  I am definitely, definitely going back there if I can as UCLA alumni.  I checked out two books.  Woo.

Randomly, I ran into Van coincidentally as I was leaving.  Hard ass worker.  He was there from 10AM to 10PM, studying all day, and it isn’t even finals week.  I guess the trippy part is being offered a dorm swipe and standing in line where UCLA Puzzle’s used to be and having Cafe 1919 for the first time.  Freshmen nowadays have it hella good.  Anyway, I got a free Chicken Pesto panini from Van, caught up with him for a bit, and drove him BACK TO POWELL TO STUDY.

And now here I am.


2 thoughts on “quite the trip”

  1. i’m happy for your financial security! you’re a baller. and graduating is a crraaaaazzzyyyyy feeling yo. I did it… last week? the week before? i dunno, it’s a trip. Soak up the moments because it’s all over before you know it… as i’m sure you’re already anticipating. I’m simply confirming 🙂

    I have been missing you lately in this crazy fluctuating time in my life. love you

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