“Terror, Iraq, Weapons”

From The Laws of Simplicity:

“Artist Mike Nourse reinforced this point in his 2004 video artwork entitled, “Terror, Iraq, Weapons.”  Nourse started with Bush’s televised speech on the eve of the invasion of Iraq and edited out all instance of three heavily repeated words: “terror,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and “Iraq.” When Nourse spliced together just those clips, the resulting video amounted to ten percent of the speech. It’s no surprise that the US subsequently went to war with Iraq, based upon a perception by many Americans that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that were to be used in terror organizations against the US.  At the time I was certainly convinced and afraid like many others, and I wasn’t sure why.  Now I know.  Repetition works.”

INTRESSIN.  The entire speech is ~27 minutes, and he says 3 phrases for about 3 minutes.


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