Limiting Myself

So I’ve been trying to come up with a way to limit my time on my computer cuz I am wayyyy more productive if I don’t have a computer to go to.  I’d be forced to go read or call up a friend or do something more productive than surf the web.

There are options online but then they cost $20-30 for something I could (not so) easily discipline myself for free, and they’re meant for families with nagging kids, not for a 20-something who lives by himself.  And all of them assume that the parent has a Windows profile separate from their kids’ accounts.

Windows 7 has pretty basic parental controls where you can limit by the hour what time the computer can be on.  I was thinkin about using that and making a separate Windows profile for everyday use, and then changing the main profile’s password to some LONGGGG 60-character random password that I have to hide in my closet or freezer or something to access.  I guess I’m mainly scared of randomly needing the computer for something drastic, but then again my life isn’t that exciting.

Coupled with LeechBlock and potentially limiting Internet access as a whole to 3-4 hours a day, I think I won’t be able to beat myself.

I was also thinkin about getting back into online poker, but I definitely have to limit myself on that too because I have a very obsessive personality, and beyond the first hour of playing my ROI (return on investment) jumps off a cliff.  Maybe I’ll make a separate profile for that one too and only allow myself to play from.. 3:00pm-4:00pm everyday or something like that, since most Sit-N-Go tournaments don’t last more than an hour.

I might have to rethink some/all of this once my internet-income stream grows into a GIANT FUCKING RIVER, but I guess I’ll think about that when it’s time.  The goal is to be more productive, and if I find that I’m more productive with more computer time… well, shit.


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