Hot Yoga

Being at home is generally pretty awesome.  I connect on a very deep intellectual level with some of my friends here and most of the conversations we have are just mind-fucks for me.  Some of these fools I’ve known since Kindergarten and middle school, and I really can’t put into words the comfort and ease that I feel around them since they’ve seen me pass through almost all of the phases of my life so far.

Anyway, Miguel (one of the people I’ve known since Kindergarten) started doing yoga a long time ago because Bank of America fucked him over with an uncompensated gradual ergonomic back injury.  The other day we were just chillin:

Miguel: Hey do you wanna do some ‘hot yoga’ with me?  I have free passes.
Me: Dude that sounds erotic.
Miguel: Yeah, haha.
Me: Ok, I’m down.

I don’t think the conversation went like that, but we went yesterday, and he really was not kidding.  They turn the heat up to ~90 F, dim the lights, and then on with the yoga.  I’ve never sweat that much in stationary positions in my life.

In general, yoga is pretty intriguing.  It kinda made me question all of my aspirations a little bit, because ultimately life is about the experience, and ultimately I can control how I experience life (to a degree) or at least how I respond to life.  Especially in LA, the culture is very fast-paced, crazy, get a job here and invest and go get drunk at clubs and do it all over again at a different club and do this do that — it’s all fun, and I love LA, but I dunno if I NEEEEED all that to be happy.

When I first walked into the yoga studio, I could feel the teacher was energetically balanced and at peace.  I don’t really know that much about body ‘energies’ but my friends in the Yay talk about it occasionally.  I’m making an assumption here, but I don’t think that woman spends her time pioneering an online business or starting business enterprises, but to make an assumption again, she’s probably more well-off physically and mentally than 90% of the world. Not to say that yoga is king and the lower 90% of the world is aspiring to start a business, but SHIT, do I really need to be going after all that I’m after?

We also tend to pride ourselves on multitasking and being able to handle 3 million things at once, but I feel like I’ve lost the ability to focus my mind on something with laser beam consistency.  Even though I can mimic bodies pretty well after dancing for 5+ years, my mind was jumping all over the place amongst a room full of focus and concentration and rhythmic breathing.

Anyway.. this is not to say that all of my aspirations are gone, but just makes me question what I’m REALLY after.  At the very least, it’s raised my standards as to what relaxation and mental peace are.  I don’t think yoga will satisfy my need to contribute to a semi-significant portion of the world, but again, at the very least, I’ve glimpsed at how I should be when I’m going after all these crazy things.


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