“‘But she thought he was incredibly interesting.’  Was he actually interesting?  Who knows?  The point is that Lois found him interesting, because, in some way, she finds everyone interesting.  Lois, one of her friends told me, always says “‘Oh, I’ve met the most wonderful person.  You are going to love her,’ and she is as enthused about this person as she was about the first person she has met and you know what, she’s usually right.”  Helen Doria, another of her friends, told me that ‘Lois sees things in you that you don’t see even see in yourself,” which is another way of saying the same thing, that by some marvelous quirk of nature, Lois and the other people like her have some instinct that helps them relate to the people they meet.  When Lois looks out at the world or when Roger Horchow sits next to you on an airplane, they don’t see the same world that the rest of us see.  They see possibility, and while most of us are busily choosing whom we would like to know, and rejecting the people who don’t look right or who live out near the airport, or whom we haven’t seen in sixty-five years, Lois and Roger like them all.

From The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell


While being open to people is not at all one of the mainstream topics of the book, I think that’s partially why I get so much pleasure from reading.  I find things that blindside me and stop me from reading for a few minutes, like I just got hit by bullets or stabbed or something.  Bad example.

I think I’ve lost a bit of what Lois has.  I’ve recently caught myself being more critical, more judgmental — maybe as a projection of dissatisfaction with parts of myself and my situations.  Time to be more like Noobs again.


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