After a series of random correspondences (mainly on Facebook), I am officially an intern of Erich Chen Photography.  If you’ve been reading the blog since then, I stumbled upon his stuff in late April, early May.  At the time I figured I might as well just message him and tell him that I was in love with his work, and he ended up actually being really approachable and friendly (unlike some of my inspirations I’ve ran into in person).

Then, one hungover Saturday morning last week, I woke up at 5:30 AM and felt like I needed to do something productive since I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So then I figured I might as well message him and ask him if he needed an intern.  In the short span of about two hours, he replied, wanted to get to know me a little more, I replied with a short blurb, and we decided on a date to interview.

Said essay:

My name is Randy Lau, and on paper, I guess one could describe me as… 22, 5’8”, Cantonese-American, a Scorpio, a younger sibling, recent graduate of UCLA with an Electrical Engineering degree, part-time biomedical optics researcher, a dancer + choreographer + leader of a competitive dance team at UCLA for the past 5 years, blogger, avid reader, aspiring entrepreneur, artist.  Personality wise, I would say I am extremely curious, creative, spontaneous, introspective, extroverted, ambitious, hard-working, inspiration-seeking, energetic, easy-going, PASSIONATE, optimistic, goofy, friendly, always looking to better myself, and humble.  Hopefully that gives you a better picture of who I am.

I guess I am not exactly sure what this position entails, so it’s hard to describe how I would fit into the role of being an excellent intern.  In general, though, I am a fast learner and I am confident that I can pick up whatever is thrown at me quickly, or at least within a few days (as long as it’s not, like, a boulder or something.)  On top of that, I have a great love for the arts, and photography specifically.  I would love to learn anything and everything I can about photography because it has so much potential to inspire other people, invoke emotion, and bring out the beauty in even the simplest things we often overlook.  I have a very adaptive working style, and I have had extensive experience working with people, following directions as well as taking initiative.  I am a self-starter, and in general I would say I’m pretty easy to get along with.

My experience with photography began relatively recently, around February.  I would say I have limited experience in the professional world of photography, but again I would love to learn and learn quickly.  I have blogging experience, and I am relatively adept with WordPress.  While I am not a photographer, marketer, or entrepreneur yet, I have been reading heavily into all subjects and would love to share and possibly help apply my knowledge to your business.  My humble equipment includes: Canon SD780 (a point and shoot), Nikon D40, Lensbaby Muse, Nikkor 18-55mm, Quantaray 70-300mm (pretty funny story about how I actually got the equipment, but maybe I can tell you later.)  I have recently started a Project 365, where I take a picture every day, and that’s been fulfilling and a good way to practice various compositional aspects of photography.  For the past few months I have basically always had a camera on me, everywhere I go.  This would summarize some of the relevant experience I can think of, but I will definitely let you know if anything else comes to mind.

We just had the interview this afternoon over lunch (his treat, thanks!), and the whole thing was pretty free-form, relaxed, comfortable.  As far as intern responsibilities go, I am guessing they will evolve as I grow, but for now I am just tagging along on weddings.  I coulda went to Hawaii for a wedding this weekend, but instead I am off to VEGASSSSSSS (prior arrangements :] :[ ).  Anyway, I am super excited for everything upcoming.  I have to post on his blog soon about myself, so stay tuned.  Thanks for the opportunity if you’re reading, Erich!

The Erich Chen.  If you’re gettin married, holler!


3 thoughts on “INTERNNN”

  1. holy crap yo that’s amazing!!! the universe is providing what you want and it’s a beautiful thing. I am so proud of you for taking initiative on this, and on life in general. being unafraid to go a new route and learning so much outside of schoolwork… you are amazing and I’m so glad you’re one of my best friends, because it’s like, constant inspiration! You hold ME accountable without even knowing it. love you. and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. noobs! CONGRATS!! damn that internship sounds so amazing! honestly, i’m a bit jealous. but it sounds like a great opportunity! teach me what you learn! haha. and i wanna see the pictures you take!!

  3. holy randy! CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!!!!
    i am so frikken jealous of you. you have no idea!!!! D: D: D:
    please pass along your knowledge! and show us your pictures!
    next year it’ll be randy lau manning the camera at photoshoot XP

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