Adventures in Venice

Randomly, I decided to go to Venice a few hours ago just to get out of the apartment, shoot some pictures, relax, be by mahself.  Here are some of the visual babies that I birthed in the two hours of metaphorical sex that is Venice beach.

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All shot with a Lensbaby Muse.  It’s so disappointing to look at your pictures later to realize that they are blurry as hell.  Oh well, practice makes perf.

The skateboarding pics are cool from a photographer’s perspective, but since I grew up around a shitload of skateboarders, most of the pics don’t have any crazy ass tricks in them.  But I got a few, and I said FUCK YEAHHH each time.

There’s also this pretty obscure restaurant/bookstore called Small World Books – a hidden gem, ESPECIALLY if you are into mystery books (I am not).  I snatched:

Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl (a bestseller from a psychologist who made it out alive of the Holocaust)
Lateral Thinking, Edward de Bono
Flow, the Psychology of Optimal Experience, Mihaly Czikzentmihalyi


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