Things I Forget I Know

Some things I recently realized my brain handles completely for me to do other things, excluding the obvious like breathing and walking:

– What songs are in each of the 60 playlists on my iPod
– How hard to press my gas pedal + how sensitively I should tilt my steering wheel when I’m going 80mph
– How hot to adjust my shower knobs
– How to process music when I dance
– The extent to which I wiggle my toothbrush as to not bleed my gums
– How hard to squeeze my toothpaste
– How to write without snapping off a piece of lead
– How to write
– How to type
– Tuning to the volume level appropriate before the threshold of deafness
– How to tilt water from a cup into my mouth without spilling
– How to take a shot without gagging
– Hanh’s, Jon’s, Mom’s, Dad’s, Sister’s phone numbers
– To skip Lot 4 level 1 when parking at school entirely to park at Lot 4 level 2
– How to get to home in the bay, how to get home in LA, how to get to class
– How to add, subtract, etc
– Names to faces
– Things to not say in front of/to people and/or girls
– Copy/Paste shortcuts
– Where all the lights are in the dark
– Tendencies of friends

I had originally only thought of four before logging onto WordPress, but then I figured I’d just take it as an exercise in Divergent Thinking to name 20 of them.


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