Reporting from Erich’s Blog

The full post here:

“Erich: I’m proud to present another intern! My other intern Emilie is currently overseas so right now she can’t help out too much, but luckily for me Randy came along and problem solved! He’s been interning for me for a couple of weeks now, so this post is kind of late. It would’ve went up earlier except we didn’t have a proper photo to put up for him. I took this photo at a wedding that he assisted me in. And if you do look closely he is Nikon photographer.  😦  Yeah I know, I hope thats the only mistake he makes while he’s interning with me. But he’s been very helpful so far, assisting me with weddings, fashion shoots, and a quest crew shoot that I’ll share with you guys very soon.
So below is Randy!

Greetings all!

Intern Randy Erich Chen Photography

Intern Randy Lau here.  I would like to thank Erich for letting me jump on board with him as a new intern!

Onto some random tidbits about myself..”

Nikon > Canon

Erich: do people ever think you’re weird

me: Hahahaha

12:45 AM My friends are used to it
I’m guessing u do
Erich: hm
sort of
me: Lol
Erich: but a lot of peopel think im weird
and i think im weird too
but you’re on a different level of weird
i think.
12:46 AM me: Yeah I think so
But then u own a canon
So its like pretty even

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