Oh the Memories

ACA Hip Hop @ All Cal 2006

Even though we got second place, we were all freakin ecstatic because for the first time we had proved people wrong.  I will never forget that performance.

To share the stage and start of some deep friendships is also a blessing.  I was gonna post the link up on my Facebook status, but I figured I could rant a little longer on here.  JUST TO NAME A FEW.. if you don’t know these people who shared that stage that night, you should:

Jon!  Hanh!  Amy!  Keidi!  Carolyn!  Jess!  Jennie!  Morgan!  YEOJEAN!

I feel weird doing a shoutout but I was gonna tag you guys for all of Facebook to see on my status so whatevs.  And I hope that some/all of you guys read this blog anyway cuz it’s one way for me to keep in touch with yalls.  Anyway, not to discount anyone else that was a Python or anyone else I met on ACA that I’ve shared other stages with, but those are some of the people I’ve been particularly close to throughout the years up til now.


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