I missed a day on accident.  Not that anyone is holding a gun to my head forcing me to blog everyday or that anyone cares, but kinda weird for me.

Anyway, I think my body has been on a cortisone/adrenaline (stress) low since school ended.  I didn’t realize how busy I was until I graduated basically, and even though I am nowhere near as busy as I used to be in my days as a coord/college student, I feel a mild adrenaline rush now that Bruin Walk is bustling with people, ACA is having their auditions soon, personal business deadlines approaching, wedding tomorrow, and etc.

Life is good.  I sort of feel like I am going through the motions, but in contrast with how I was two years ago, this time I know more or less what I want and put in place an autopilot that I designed.

Anyway, the goal: by Sept 30th – refine my business idea to a point where I can test it at UCLA/highschools with any students, professors, grads, undergrads, that would like to take part.  I guess I can’t say too much about it right now, partially because there are so many holes to fill, but basically it’ll be a creativity forum where people can openly contribute both problems and solutions in a self-organized, open manner.


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