Paris, Tokyo

Going off of yesterday, I tried freestyling to the same song multiple times.  This time it was to a song I know pretty well, Lupe Fiasco – Paris, Tokyo.

You need to watch this first.  Ian Eastwood.  (Choreo, not freestyle).  I’m not trying to mimic him or anything but it’s just a crazy example of what COULD be done with this song.

This one was pretty bad, not sharp, not interpretive, sloppy.

Better quality of movement and more accurate timing.. maybe I was just tired and not warmed-up after a run for the first freestyle.  Didn’t really represent the emotion really well though.

I felt really clumsy during this one, but I guess it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.  Not as sharp as the second run, but a little more mood.  I get kinda repetitive with movements.

Probably my favorite one, I tried to be more creative with interpreting the lyrics.  But for instance with Chicago all I thought of was Broadway references, but I could have thought of ‘Windy City’ references.

I think in general I use the same body parts over and over, hit beats the same way, definitely not as precise as I could be.  At least for this song, I portrayed the feel decently.


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