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So I finally watched the movie after a few recommendations from friends and a handy-dandy DVD loan.  For part education and part entertainment, I sat by my lonesome cuz everyone I would’ve watched it with saw it already and it didn’t seem like a movie people would wanna watch twice.  AAANNYYWAYY, not so much of a movie review as it is a garble of random reflections (if you haven’t watched it yet these are kinda vague spoilers):

– It was really sad watching the lawsuits over who created what, because after reading several books I have come to agree that creativity is shared, that “brilliance is borrowed” (read Borrowing Brilliance).  Everyone borrows some aspect of existing ideas when they “create” a new one, whether or not they’re aware or intent.  If that wasn’t the case, then Henry Ford should’ve been sued by, I dunno, horses and carriages.

– At the same time, I feel for the people who had the idea for Harvard Connection, and for similar reasons I am kinda paranoid about posting everything I have come up with so far for my own business on this blog.  I am not trying to become a billionaire or be on any Forbes lists (although that would be nice), but at the same time I don’t want to work in an office job or program behind a computer for the rest of my life, much less a majority of 2011.  This idea will feed my kids and send them to college, and it would definitely suck to have someone “steal” it from me.

– Watching this movie made me doubt my idea completely.  Not completely, but maybe in a healthy, productive way.  At the same time, it was very inspiring and added much fuel to a raging fire.


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