How to Drink Tea

Birthday, Day 2 – my dad’s amazing homecooked dinner with some friends.  The food is guaranteed to be better, cheaper, and more intimate than any restaurant could accommodate for.  Afterwards will be a night out with said friends.

I went to the Santa Monica library today with my dad and read for an hour-ish.  Luckily they had a Chinese section, and my dad ended up picking up a book on making tea properly.  I really had no idea how particular some people are about their tea.  On the drive back, my dad was kinda talking shit about the “young-man” green tea bags that I haphazardly drink and just leave in the cup, and then gave me pretty specific advice about 30-second timing, using multiple bags, and etc.  I guess I will try his advice out tomorrow, although I wouldn’t really be able to tell if it tastes better or not.

But on a deeper level, I am pretty glad that my dad is in LA with me.  This kinda goes without saying, but without him I wouldn’t be alive, and I hardly ever get to spend time with him.  Even though I can’t find things to fill up his days with, I get to talk to him.  I’ve always been very ashamed of my Chinese (it’s pretty horrible), and it’s been a pretty deep insecurity my entire life.  I kinda used that insecurity as a “language-barrier” crutch that stopped me from getting close to my dad, but for whatever reason, I slowly started easing off my embarrassment and talking to him about deeper things.

This is good news, because now I can finally understand more about the man who I have always mysteriously revered and respected.  I learned a lot from him these past 23 years just by observation and imitation, but it is so incredibly fulfilling to relate and open up to him, even if we play a game of charades with every conversation we have.


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