Last night was pretty refreshing.  Thanks for coming!

Day 3: Party w/ ACA @ Beloit Lounge!

Today I got a chance to talk to my dad about religion, because I always knew my parents were kinda Buddhist but I never really confirmed it.  So over dinner and after a game of vocal Taboo/charades, I found out that he isn’t as religious as his sister, and besides Chinese New Years he doesn’t really practice Buddhism.  Which is fine for him, because even just lighting the incense, wishing our family well, and other annual traditions, gives him a sense of inner peace.  Then he found out that I was an Atheist.  We talked about other related things, but that’s basically the gist of it.

This doesn’t really sound like much, but when you have the Chinese vocabulary of a kindergartner, it is deep stuff.  The fact that I’m blogging about this says a lot about how much I’ve always wanted to be close to my dad.  I would never blog about finding out that a friend of mine is Buddhist.  It’s the fact that I’ve lived with my dad for 20+ years and never really been able to talk to him.  So, needless to say, if you are close with your parents, or even if you guys speak the same language fluently, you should be very grateful.


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