Childhood Friends

Today, I got treated to some dimsum by the faja.  Took an extra hour getting there, because I went to Rowland Heights instead of San Gabriel :[.  Also took an extra hour getting back, since a car accident closed a freeway interchange.

Anyway, we met up at New Capital with one of his best friends since age 13 (he’s 65 now.)  I didn’t really say much the whole time because they only switched over to Cantonese to talk to me occasionally.  At one point of the conversation though, my dad’s friend pulled out a picture of them.. and it looks like they were about my age at the time.  My dad is pretty fine.

On the left

On the right

I think it’s pretty fuckin cool that my dad still keeps in touch with someone he met 50+ years ago.  I can only wonder what crazy shit they did together.  Maybe I’ll ask him tomorrow heh heh.

In other boring news, I finished Business Model Generation.  CLUTCH BOOK.  Worth millions of dollars.


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