About to go to Northstar in Tahoe, waiting for our buses to put snowchains on the tires. I am pretty hungover.

Last night, we were all partying in our cabin, and someone from another cabin brought a bag of wine in. I guess the game was to walk up to someone, hold the bag up to their face, tell them to slap the bag as hard as possible, put their mouth up to the spout and chug for 10 seconds, and then that person gets someone else to repeat. Someone did that to me, I slapped it, and chugged for 10 seconds. But the cool thing was that while I was chugging, Ryan (a newbie on the team this year) commented to the guy, “Dude he’s from (ACA) Hip Hop man!”

I was pretty drunk but equally touched. Not because he was bragging about my mediocre chugging, but because in a weird way he synonymized ACA Hip Hop with the ability to drink. Maybe I’m stretching this too far, but he seemed very proud of being part of the family.


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