Another goal this week is to complete by Sunday an 800+ page book on PHP and MySQL, and Stuff of Thought, Linked, and Next Generation Democracy.  In total, that’s about 6-7 inches or 226+ 228 + 439 + 885 = 1778 pages to get through.  That’s 254 pages a day on average, but then there’s also the fact that I will be rereading pages and typing through examples.

I want what I feel are relatively ridiculous things in a ridiculously short amount of time, so I need to start doing ridiculous things on the daily.  I post this partially to make myself accountable to you or whoever is reading, because I try very hard not to go back on my word.  Similarly, I posted my 4-count-a-day choreography habit to keep me in check, and because if I don’t actually post a video on Sunday or Monday then people will know and be like, “Oh, Randy couldn’t do it.”  It’s not exactly self-motivation but it is definitely a step in that direction.

If anything, I am almost trying to prove myself wrong.  Maybe if I can push myself to finish 1778 pages in a week, and actually do it, then I can achieve slightly more ambitious goals within a week.  If I can achieve those ambitious goals, then maybe I really can start a business successfully between now and July 31st.  It’s kinda like working out my self-belief muscles.

On another note, Mentorship and ACA retreat were both amazing.  I am blessed to be a part of both.



2 thoughts on “Commit”

  1. don’t push yourself too hard, randy (:
    what i find helps me more than books on learning things like PHP / Javascript / HTML / stuff like that is just setting a project goal : for example, building a portfolio website that has ____ features, and then planning out each detail and researching how to get there (i guess here is where the books come in). I think doing stuff like this sparks my interest / creativity and promotes retention of the material much more than reading 1500 pages on coding does, especially since books present the answers to the questions they ask, rather than encouraging you to find your own way of implementing solutions.

    iono just food for thought. whatever works for you. good luck! ^__^

  2. yeah very good point. i think that’ll probably be my next step after i read the book just so i am somewhat aware of the range of things that i could possibly do

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