Why I Love Shaun

Although I do have incredible respect for Shaun’s physical ability and talent that he’s developed over the years, I have much more respect for what seems to be his mindset and how much he evolves and innovates and reinvents himself.  Sure, there are plenty of reasons as to why he is internationally known and respected, like his smoothness, or execution, or how he puts so much soul into his work, or how hard he works, or how humble he is.  But I would hypothesize that he has been at the top of the scene for 6 or 7 years ONLY because he is an innovator.  There are plenty of smooth, impeccably-executing, soulful, hardworking, humble dancers out there, but their fame comes and goes.  Not to disrespect any of these choreographers, because they are all incredibly sick and much more talented and dedicated than I am, but in my opinion, people/teams like Jed, Jay Chris, Jun Quemado, KABA, PAC, TM, etc., were once to die for but fell off the map a bit because they stopped growing and changing and pushing boundaries.  For similar reasons, although I am aesthetically pleased at dance competitions, I am more or less bored half of the time because I feel like too few teams have brought anything new to the table.

This is not to say that Shaun is the only sick choreographer out there, but I hypothesize that he will always be at the top because of the way he thinks.  To transcend beyond dance, he started Movement Lifestyle, which is his own talent agency that does business differently than most talent agencies, and seems to be more virally marketed and branded with their performances, logo, shirts, collaborations, blog, and videos.

I think this kinda parallels in business, competing, and life in general.  If you suddenly stop being humble, stop growing, improving yourself, you will get trampled.  If Google just left it at a search engine, they’d be gone.  Instead, they gave us gmail, maps, calendars, translating, satellite views of the earth, phones, and a bunch of other shit.  If you’re a football player and you stop training and working to execute better than other players, you literally get trampled.  If you work hard enough to beat everyone, and then you suddenly become the best at what you do, you have no one else to beat and you sit for awhile and revel and then slowly you fade away.  One inspiring thing that I got from reading John Wooden is that you should never look at the scoreboard, you only define success as beating the shit out of yourself, playing as hard as you can against your previous-self, and you feel success when you know that you did everything you could.  He said it much more eloquently though.

There are hella videos here, but it is kinda hard to prove my point in one youtube video from one year.  I have seriously watched all of these at least 100 times, minus the Tae Yang one.  His style has changed so much!

Gen2 – Bustagroove – 2005

Beyond the Hype (TM’s SI Showcase – 2006)

Shaun Evaristo – Carnival – 2006

Lloyd – You – 2007

Christina Aguilera – F.U.S.S – 2007

Usher – Seduction – 2007

Estelle – Come Over – 2008

Janet Jackson – Rock With You – 2008

T.I. – Swing Ya Rag – 2008

Taeyang – Where U At – 2009

Lykke Li ft. Drake – Little Bit – 2009

Shaun Evaristo @ House of Blues – 2010

Alicia Keys – Unthinkable – 2010

God damn Sony.  Sorry I can’t embed some of these clips.


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