Last night we played Mafia.  If you’ve never played, it’s basically a game with a group of people where a certain number of people within the group are ‘Mafia’, killing off other group members during nightfall, and where the town must figure out who the ‘Mafia’ are during daytime and vote them out before the Mafia kill everyone off.  Mafia stresses me the fuck out because I don’t like lying.  But it is very interesting to watch everyone base their arguments off faulty arguments and logic and intuition, and it is very interesting to see how Mafia manipulate the crowd to their dis/advantage.  I think it would be incredibly intriguing to have cognitive scientists/sociologists run ‘Mafia’ experiments in a controlled setting and have them analyze the shat out of it and read about their results.

I got owned in the last game we played, because the two people that I put my trust in previous rounds ended up being the mafia for the last game, and I based a lot of my logic off of what they were saying, and I irrationally blamed other people as mafia out of defensiveness.  I think it’s like a huge keep-an-open-mind type game, mixed with keeping multiple assumptions in mind at the same time and in/validating them with new information, mixed with body language.  I am probably looking way too deeply into this, but I just find it really interesting.


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