Weekly Choreo

So I choreographed to ‘Samantha James – Subconscious’ for the new 4-count-a-day habit I am starting. I am not incredibly happy with the piece itself, but I am happy that I kept my word and that I have something to show for it.

I didn’t really make the piece too conceptual…  more literally guided by certain sounds and words.  I think I was drawn to this song as a reflection of how I feel about Kat, SUBCONSCIOUSly, heh heh.  She comprises a huge portion of my daily thoughts, and everything that I have discovered about her leads me to believe that she is my dream girl.  Even though some of my friends have heard me say regarding certain topics about us that my perspective is a ‘rational, down-the-line-type compatibility’, maybe I am in fact head over heels in love with her subconsciously.

I am going to continue this song this week FOSHO.

ANY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS WELCOME!  The piece and I are a work in progress.


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