Goals and Kids

Today was my second Mentorship event with my kid, David.  He is a crazy ass ball of energy and I feel like I can’t keep up with his craziness.  I taught him the game ‘Ninja’ today and that pretty much occupied his time and energy for a good hour, because he kept starting games and challenging other people, and he even played with his friends while we were sitting down towards the end (Ninja is a standing game).  I got to meet his dad afterward, and he invited me to his house for this delicious El Salvadorian chicken dish that I’ve never tried.  Even though he was speaking in a bit of broken English, towards the end he said “God bless you,” very gratefully and enthusiastically, and in that moment I felt like maybe Mentorship/I actually is making a difference in his life.  Mentorship is already a lot of fun because I get to be a kid’s mentor, play with him, run through structured activities with a community of 100+ other like-minded, collegiate mentors, and have a good time with other kids as well.  But his dad’s display of that split-second of sincere appreciation for what we were doing makes it even more worth it.


My main goals this week are to finish by Sunday Learning PHP, MySQL, and Javascript, and Starfish and the Spider (total of 641 pages), land an interview at a web-development firm, and to continue choreography.


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