I truly outdid myself today…

I brought home 18 books from Santa Monica Library.  I checked out 10, and then Kat and I went into the Library Bookstore, and then I picked up 8 books from there for a total of $9.  Some of them are/were best-sellers too that go for at LEAST $10-15 each, and some were textbooks that could easily go for at least $30-40 each.  STEAAAAL.  Together, Kat and I loaded 27 books into my backseat.  That pushes my list to 30 books in my SMPL account that are due within 1-8 weeks, and 40-50 books in my room that I actually own that I will hopefully someday read, and I already have a year or two of reading ahead of me.

Sometimes I wish I could use some version of The Matrix’s download-able skills, and suddenly wake up and know Kung Fu, or Photoshop, or AJAX, or whatever.  That takes the fun out of actually reading and learning, but alleviates some of the time pressure that I have on myself to build expertise now.

I don’t know if this makes me hella weird but for me, going to the library is like going to the candy store.  Even though I might never get around to reading the actual books, I get very excited by the idea of potentially fully understanding/mastering what the author wrote about.



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