For Mentorship today, we went through this science fair type activity where different physical phenomena were demonstrated with everyday objects.  So for one activity, we had to blow up balloons (for static electricity).  As my 6th grade mentee, David, finished blowing up his balloon, he started asking about something else that looks like a balloon but isn’t a balloon.

David – “Hey do you know what those things are that are like balloons?”
Me – “What do you mean?  What are those things like?”
David – “They’re clear, they’re kinda rubbery like balloons…”
Me – “Hmmm.. I dunno..”
David – “Yeah they have like white stuff inside?”
Me – “White stuff?  Like snowflakes?”
David – “No… not like snowflakes… like white stuff..”
Me – “Hmmmmmmmm I dunno”
David – “Is it a condom?”
Me – “hahaha.. … noo… I don’t think so… haha..”

I was pretty taken aback cuz I honestly had no dirty thoughts in my mind while he was asking the questions, but more so because somehow he stumbled upon a used condom.  Luckily his attention span is pretty short, and there isn’t really such thing as awkward silence with him because he’s always running around with his friends and bouncing between topics.


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