Asians in the Library

I do want this post on Alexandra Wallace from UCLA ranting about Asians in the Library to be found via Google, because TimothyDeLaGhetto is incredibly articulate and funny.  I had heard of him before and watched a video or two, but I think this is exactly the type of response that people need to see in reaction to the whole viral wildfire that spread.  I believe he is spreading the right message, so I will do my part to spread it to my small microcosm of the world.  Plus, he is representative of the fashionable, charismatic, confident, non-asexual, non-martial-artist, non-nerdy, non-triad-member, Asian male that we don’t see too much of in the media.

No, ching chong ling long ting tong does not convey any valuable bit of information in any Asian language that I know of (besides maybe a string of Chinese names).  But this video definitely does.


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