Random thoughts about movies this morning.

So I try to practice my metacognitive skills sometimes and backtrack how I got to certain thoughts.  While I was brushing my teeth:

– in Jay-Z’s On to the Next One he says ‘traded in that gold for that (something) platinum necklace’
– what if gold were as common as gravel? 
– what if you could invent a device that could fuse different subatomic particles into different elements
– what if hydrogen was the easiest element to fuse
– what if they made a movie where aliens were on a rampage to eat up stars and planets to morph hydrogen atoms into crazy radioactive alien armies

With all of the ease of youtube and self-marketing, there could be a huge business market for youtube based entertainment agencies.  You can focus on acting, producing, creating, and the agency will focus on the distribution and marketing via internet sites.  The current big players are independents, studios that look for big name actors and million dollar box office hits.  I know the idea isnt bulletproof.. but just a thought.


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