Interesting, a time management / productivity system that involves chunking tasks into 25 minutes at a time – a ‘Pomodoro’.  After the pomodoro is over, you must take a 5 minute break doing nothing related to your past pomodoro.  Every 4 pomodoros, take a 15-30 minute break.  There’s more to it, but I think I am gonna try this.. sounds pretty intriguing.  When I had to type up my journal entries from the past 6 years for my parents, I was crazily daunted.  It was only when I raced against myself to try to type a page in 7 minutes, and the next page in 6, and so on that I forgot how enormous the pile of pages was.  Without realizing, I was finished.

They have a Pomodoro timer on the Android Market and probably the iTunes app store.  Time to try it!



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