Camp was amazing.  I had to hold back some tears on the last day, but I wish I hadn’t because then my unit would’ve have genuinely known how much I cherished them and the week. It was a lot different this time around being a counselor as opposed to specialist, but I loved it.  Instead of summarizing the week.. I’ll share some of the memories I wrote down each night.

– Showing Bumblebee how to use my SLR and seeing him get really passionate about photography and taking pictures of everything
– Beating Unit 13 in Prison Ball
– Beating the campers in counselors vs campers (7 on 15) 3-0
– Creating our unit handshake and handshaking with the volunteers and campers every time we left the unit
– Unit night
– Meeko and Achilles make me feel totally relieved about everything and going totally above and beyond what we asked them to help us with
– Hearing about everyone’s dreams and seeing them work together and become stronger
– Pimping out our cabin with lights
– Chloroform
– When Poseidon suggested that we only sing half of Shake that Booty
– Challenging Achilles to ‘This Is So Fun’
– Playing Honey I Love You, seeing ? take his jacket off
– Seeing all the units fail at trying to make me feel awkward
– Girl talk
– Playing telephone with Buttercup
– Tweeting and Facebooking
– Seeing BB, Dark Green Ranger, and Red Ranger all lead songs on their own
– When Dark Green Ranger referred to our unit as brothers
– Morning hip hop aerobics
– Opening up to my unit, seeing them joke around and trust each other
– Bonding and handhugging our sister unit
– Getting Bruce Wayne and Popo as our specialists, and Alpha Dog, Sticks, Pacman, and Thing 2 as our OCP
– Almost getting smashed in the face by a bottle rocket
– Hyping up the match+egg station at the science mystery program
– Busting out glowsticks, photons, and shuffling for our unit talent show
– Sharing black magic with our unit
– Bonding with Poseidon, Bruce, and Popo
– Talking about culture with Frank the Tank
– Counselor lunch
– Woodsey Pageant.  … …
– ‘Turn on your light if…’ and seeing everyone open up
– Having one on one conversations during the hike
– Hearing my unit scream Little Red Wagon off in the distance
– Seeing Dark Green Ranger fall and hug Red Ranger after he saved his life
– Talking to Lefty and Chimuelo about college and life
– Hearing Thing 2 open up
– Playing cards during the thunderstorm
– Woodsey marrying Buttercup, Guess, Random, and Biscuit
– Telling the story of Adam Crowe while everyone fell asleep
– Leaving camp and holding back tears
– Staying up late to reflect on each camper
– Our closing chapel program, when Frank the Tank told me I taught him something he’d never learned before
– Poetry with Bruce
– Almost dying on the bus

There are plenty of more memories and laughs, but it was truly an amazing experience and an amazing week.  I will never forget my unit and Session 6.  This is only the beginning of lifelong friendships!


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