Back home for a while.  It’s good to be back, to be with childhood friends and family, away from the constant buzz of the 405 and nonstop lifestyle.  I look forward to being able to take a step back and reflect on everything, and to redirect where I’m headed.  Although I’ve learned a lot about executing, I think this past year I’ve lost a little bit of touch with the dreamer side of me.  Time to fuse the two together.  In general, I’ve been on autopilot for a while.  The past few weekends, I found myself refreshing Firefox for hours for something exciting to pop up on a subscribed blog or Facebook or Youtube.

The past month thus far has/will be pretty transitional.
– Hit my one year with Kat ❤
– Finished a week at camp with UNIT 9 and Session 6
– Big career switch
– Traveling to NY pretty soon to celebrate my grandma’s 80th bday, hiking in the Sierras


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