So my dad and I were pulling out of my garage to go get a headlight replacement when this guy in a Toyota mechanic shirt walks up to my car and offers to fix all the dings and dents on my car.  There’s this small dent on my rear bumper that doesn’t really bother me, but I wanted to eventually get around to fixing it so I gave him the time of day.  He explained that he was a traveling mechanic and just helped someone in my neighborhood, and had all the equipment and paint necessary to pretty up my car again.  He proceeded to walk around my car to examine and suggest a quote (first $200, then $150 for a ‘hot deal’ as we were talking) and said that the whole process would take 10-20 minutes to fix up everything.  Even if it was a good deal, I was pretty hesitant in shelling out that much money without exploring more options and verifying an actual good deal, and in all my hesitation and explaining in Cantonese to my dad what was happening, he started showing me a “free sample” of what he would do to all the scratches and the dent on my bumper.  He had another guy start heating up the bumper and they flattened it out pretty quickly.  I was still uncomfortable paying that much, so I just asked for his number or business card.  As if I just called him a bitch or something, he had this scrunch in his back and face while giving me his number cuz he knew I probably wasn’t going to call him for a follow up, explaining that he wasn’t going to be in the area for much longer and the hot deal of $150 was only for today and asked if I had 10 minutes more of time (I lied and said we had an appointment.)

As we said our goodbyes and thank-yous, before he headed off my driveway and back to his truck, he fuckin pushed the dent back in.  What the fuck?  You already fixed that shit “for free”, why undo your work?  My dad and I just laughed.


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