Cat Without Time

I usually get pretty irked with all the fairy-tale love reblogs on Tumblr (I actually unsubscribed from this person’s blog because it annoyed me so much haha).  To me, they’re usually either passive-aggressive comments at someone else, or they’re internet memes and pictures that reinforce an unrealistic passionate romantic 24/7 type of love that I honestly don’t think is constantly felt in 99.9999% of successful relationships.  Not hating on anyone that reblogs that stuff, just on the warped expectations that permeate our pop culture.  But, I think a lot of people (like me) grew up on Disney and Hollywood and hopeless romance clichés, and to me real relationships have their shitloads of problems and boring lulls and quiet conversations.  To me, the real strength of a relationship comes in dealing with those problems.  To me, the love that I strive for in my life, career, and relationship is more like the love that my parents spoil me with despite when I am an asshole, like the love that I felt coording for ACA despite the shitload of frustration and challenge and inklings of recognition.  Unconditional.  I think passionate intimacy and cute displays of affection are necessary, but I don’t think that should make or break any relationship or jade someone to think that they should break up or divorce if those feelings aren’t there all the time.

Anyway, that was a huge ramble and I hope I don’t come off as an ass.  My original thought was to explain why I don’t normally reblog memes or posts about love, but I thought Angie’s post described Kat almost spot on and felt like sharing.  I am a lucky man – not only to be with Kat, but to know and to be inspired by my mom, my sister, Amy, Carolyn, Morgs, Arena, Keidi, Jennie, Justine, Jamie, and all the other independent and strong ass women in my life.  They are all golden catches and any guy is seriously lucky to have them.

From Angie‘s blog:

“Guys, go for the ladies who have no time.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but let me shed some light for you. The girls in my life are amazing, and it’s because they’re doing big things with their lives. Independent women are always busy and on a schedule. In other words, we’re not hiding guys, we just always have things to take care of. We work or go to school full-time, sometimes both. We take care of siblings, parents, or other family members. We’re too tired to party, so we sleep in and stay home during our free time. Days are off dedicated to running errands and doing homework. Going out to us is considered: coffee shops, grocery shopping, school events, or the movies. We spend more time in our own heads than with others, but when we decide to go out we wholeheartedly let our company know they’re appreciated. Though, sarcasm and delirium is always present. And since we’re always on-the-go, when we get to wind down and relax, we are able to indulge in the simple and smallest things— naps, family/friend time, dessert. Surely, this entails that we know how to have fun when it’s necessary. It doesn’t take much to please us. We’re just grateful y’all stick around despite our lack of time and energy when we’re with you, and we love you with all my heart, mind, and soul.

Now, I say go for the ladies who have no time because they are the ones who don’t tolerate immature games, petty bullshit, and failure. We don’t have time to pick fights, cry over ridiculous matters, regress, or be insecure with the relationships in our lives. In fact, we try to stay away from negativity and anyone or anything that will hold us back from growing. We are always inspired to be better, do better, and maintain happiness. We associate with feeling: compassionate, determined, and caring than jealous, immature, and disrespectful. We believe being broken is beautiful and struggle exists to make us better in the end. We love with all that we have, and understand that life may not go our way, but we sure as hell aren’t going to give up. A woman who MAKES time for you, is the one who will appreciate you and make every moment worth it when you’re with her. This is because her time is limited, and she knows how to manage it very well. She is accustomed to priorities, deadlines, goals, and dreams; so, let’s just say you were unique and extraordinary enough to make her take time out of her busy schedule to be with you. We commend and welcome you to our busy lives. But the flip side is, you’ll always be moving upward and onward with nurturing love within reach, because ladies with no time are always transcending and persevering for their aspirations and life goals. Question is, do you have the potential and understanding to want to stay? We just hope you’re ready for the ride.”


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