I am still pretty hyped up on the whole Jeremy Lin thing, and I still probably will be for a while.  I dunno, I think the portrayal of Asian men in the media strikes a certain chord with me, which is why I am so proud to watch him dominate the courts.  I guess a (very small) part of me sees myself on the courts, making crazy plays against big black/white guys.

Anyway, with all the in- words that you can slap an L in front of and throw into the buzz storm, the one word that bothers me the most is ‘Linderella’.  There is nothing Disney-esque or feminine about Jeremy Lin, so why try to relate him to a weak princess whose only aspiration is to get married to a powerful man?  I am sure whoever coined the term meant well, but this is one of the first times we get to see an Asian man rise to the top in a hyper-masculine environment so there are plenty of other male underdog stories they could have made a name-pun with.  There’s no reason to associate his rise to fame and story with Cinderella, if anything I feel like it subtly de-masculinizes (I think I just made up a word) him.


One thought on “Linderella”

  1. Now now. A cinderella story is a common american saying for a zero-to-hero character. There’s nothing linherently feminine lin describing something as that(see: cinderella man, coined lin the even more masculine profession of punching people lin the face). Perhaps it subtly does implicate feminity, but that is entirely lost in the farcically macho context. I’m sure someone just found a relevant word to make lin puns with. Now why ciderella’s aspiration is to marry linto rich and power, linstead of, say, dropkicking a bear lin the stomach, is a controversial facet of our gender-role linforcing society, but has little to do with the fame jlin’s been getting, which thankfully linvolves no math or katanas. Lin a country that could barely get over a black president, I’m willing to let some small shit slide.

    Also, the word you are looking for lin place of “de-masculinize” is “emasculate”.

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