Naked Sauna

So I am pretty proud of myself for relinquishing the notion in my head that I wasn’t disciplined – I have been going to the gym every single day for the past 16 days now.  Looking back too, I should give myself more credit for keeping up with constructive habits.  Almost everyday for 1.5+ years now, I’ve blogged, taken a picture  (even though I don’t post them), and written in a little gratitude journal.  I got this Android app called Habit Streak that allows you to set habits and notifies you every morning to go through a checklist on the previous day of all the habits you want to track.  After a while you get to see streaks of uninterrupted commitment to habits.  It is definitely a small, proud highlight of my day when I can check every single habit down.

Anyway, part of the reason I look forward to going to the gym is using the hot tub/pool/sauna.  The sauna though is usually pretty interesting cuz some guys really just don’t give a shit and sprawl out completely naked without a towel.  They either lie down and take up the bench, or take up half the bench and sit spread eagle.  Either way I feel a little weird.  But part of me has respect for those dudes that really don’t give a shit about being naked, cuz literally they are comfortable in their own skin.  I wouldn’t say it’s like a goal of mine to go in a sauna naked but I think I would definitely need to develop a little more comfort in my sexuality/manhood to do that.


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