During a round of retail therapy today, my mind threaded in and out of the topic of brands and logos and what I choose to wear.  When I first hit college, I had this crazy t-shirt phase where I wore shit with really elaborate and sometimes obnoxious designs.  Around my third year, I think my taste subtracted to more simple, basic clothing with no logos and generic patterns/designs that no one owns.   By 4th or 5th year, my wallet and wardrobe caught up and phased all of my wonky t-shirts out of regular use.

I feel a little weird and lame recounting how my fashion sense has grown and evolved, but I think it strikes at a deeper thought that I’ve never really put into words before.  I find it hard to wear symbols that I don’t feel truly represent me or share a part of my beliefs or history or character.  I have no trouble sporting ACA ALL DAY, or shirts from random dance competitions and events, or even this random shirt I got from a GOOD magazine subscription a few years ago.  Those things truly are/were a big part of my life or reflect my beliefs.  For the same reason, I can’t think of a timeless symbol that I’d want to tat on my body for the rest of my life.  Not to knock on anyone who buys stuff from brands – I still think a lot of branded stuff looks dope and I can definitely respect the rich culture behind it, but just can’t get myself to wear or buy it.  Maybe it stems from the existential panic attack I had during my senior year of college, when I realized that all of my wants and expectations were not actually consciously wants and expectations that I had decided for myself.  To a degree, I still conform to what society rules as normal or even outstanding, but I have developed this burning stubbornness to define myself and not go with what I ‘should’ do all the time.


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