Anything is Possible

I had an atypical Friday night sitting by my lonesome at my top secret spot on the beach, feeling like I needed to do some pondering.  Two years ago I would say I was a big dreamer.  I would still say I am, but during the past two years I’ve been more intimidated by how hard it is to actually make those dreams a reality, wondering where the other side of me faded off to.  But I think halfway into the session, I remembered that not even a year ago, I was on a similar beach in Haiti, I spent Halloween in Madagascar, my birthday in India, doing things I had never done with people I had never met.  I really don’t know how I got so lucky to get a chance to do all of that, but that opportunity came out of nowhere, just as abruptly as it left.  It feels so far removed from anything I do on a daily basis now, surreal like I never actually experienced any of it – but I did, and I can personally attest to my doubtful self that even the most RANDOM things are absolutely possible.


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