There is this guy at my gym who I had a brief friendly conversation with in the sauna a few months ago.  To be sure, it was a nice conversation.  But in recent weeks I’ve been getting weirded the fuck out.  He is probably in his early 30s, completely normal looking and sociable and all that, but I get the sense that he pretends to have destinations that he’s walking to and fro that happen to intersect with where I happen to be taking a shower and putting back on my clothes after being in a sauna.

Like today for instance, we were in the sauna at the same time, and he left a little bit earlier than I did.  Then as I was taking a post-sauna shower, he walks past my stall to the other shower area, (doesn’t take a shower because it would be too short of an interval), comes back the other direction past my stall again.  Already weirded out, I hurry out to go back to my locker to change, which is basically near the far corner of the locker area.  I then see him linger around the mirror/sink area, not doing anything, but in plain sight of me changing.  He then disappears, and then a minute later, walks past my locker row to the furthest corner of the lockers, (doesn’t open any lockers or do anything unless he’s just really quiet), and 30 seconds later he walks past me again back towards the bathroom/sink/shower/sauna area.  At that point I am all clothed and good to go, so I just left.

I swear I am not homophobic but that shit just creeps me out.  I don’t need to assert my sexuality or anything, but I am totally comfortable with homosexuality, and I am totally comfortable hanging out alone (platonically) with some of my best guy friends who happen to be gay.  I am half freaked out / half possibly overanalyzing, but that guy seriously has no conceivable reason to walk around the locker room and intersect paths multiple times coincidentally where I happen to be naked.  Next time he does that I should just like towel whip him or something.

But seriously, am I overreacting?  Should I say something to the gym staff?  I don’t want to not enjoy myself at the gym and advance my health and self-discipline just because of some perceived creepy dude.


One thought on “Uncomfortable”

  1. I have some thoughts on how you can handle this. Odds are you are right in feeling…um.. noticed. I’m leaving for grass valley today, and i’ll be back sunday. I’ll shoot you a message or give you a call 🙂

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