My Apartment was Robbed

What the hails.  I left my apartment at 8:45ish, and get a panicked call from Carolyn at 2:30pm saying that our shit is ransacked and splayed all over the ground and that my roommate’s computer is missing.  They stole my laptop, my older DSLR, two semi/broken point+shoots, a DVD player, and stuffed everything into my fuckin suitcase that was lying out in the open to run off with all of their new treats.  My roomie shared a similar (and possibly worse) fate.

The weird thing is that they were probably in a rush, and didn’t steal my newer camera which was lying right out in the open, and my new lens, which was also lying right out in the open.  The new lens might actually cost more than what they could get for all of the camera-related stuff combined.  I had an arbitrary debate with myself whether or not to bring my newer point and shoot camera out with me this morning.  THANK GOD I DID.

What does suck is that all of my memories amassed on my stolen laptop are now likely gone forever, and my profile isn’t password-protected so I am pretty paranoid about them accessing all my shit.  Hopefully they are equally paranoid about me having anti-theft geolocating software on it.

All in all though, I am pretty lucky to be fretting about lost items that a lot of the world doesn’t have the luxury of owning.  Thankfully, my boss is cool with me using my work laptop (which is pretty swanky, a MacBook retina).  I still have all the cameras I care about, and I am safe (knock on wood).  Things could be much worse.


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