Somewhere on some social network analysis site I read that over the course of my membership on Facebook, WordPress, etc., I had written more words across statuses and posts than the average book contains.  “In fact, the Constitution contains 4543 words.”

And then it dawned on me that one set of 5000+ words has been the precedent for our nation’s government for 200+ years, and another set of 5000+ words served as personal reflection at best, and fleeting entertainment for boredom.  While I am certainly not aspiring to script a country’s foundation, and while there’s a lot of context surrounding why a particular set of 5000 words is so powerful, it served as an unassuming reminder that I’m focusing my time much differently than a revolutionary like Thomas Jefferson.  There’s nothing wrong with blogging or sharing status updates about my life in today’s culture, but there’s a huge benefit to gathering my discipline and focus on a concentrated effort rather than squandering my consciousness on random things.



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