This is one of the more potentially shallow posts I’ve written, but hopefully not misconstrued..

My girlfriend and I were ordering at a coffee shop that we frequent, so she could get a tasty cup of mocha for her long drive back home after a weekend in LA.  As we were ordering, I noticed one of the waiters/cashiers with his eyes locked and smiling at her, smirking as if he was holding back a funny thought.  I didn’t really think much of it, and we took a seat as we waited for our coffee to come out.

After a few minutes into conversation, she tells me that the last time she was there (without me), the waiter had asked her out on a date a few weeks ago, and she replied: “Ohhh no sorry I’m here visiting my boyfriend.”  She wasn’t bragging or anything – more explaining the story as if it was a slightly awkward situation.  I laughed, and our conversation moved onward.

After we said our goodbyes, she left for the bay and I set up shop to work on my own shiz.  Her story sank into the back of my mind, and I began to feel proud.  Proud because I had walked into that coffee shop with my arm around her shoulder, unknowingly ordering coffee for two from a waiter who had been rejected by my girlfriend a few visits ago.  The waiter’s shift overlapped with my several-hour-long work session, and every so often I said “YEAHHH BITCH THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND YOU ASKED OUT.”  Not out loud of course.  Based on my previous visits and working sessions, I had actually thought to myself that the dude was a generally attractive guy, with a pretty good taste in music (judging from what he played in the coffee shop.)

It’s not particularly surprising that my girlfriend piques the attention of other dudes, because she is absolutely a perfect catch both at first glance and still after a few years of knowing her.  Considering my past and the fact that we’re in a long distance relationship, I do have those moments of insecurity about other guys hitting on her. But 99.9999% of the time, jealousy and paranoia do not get the best of me, and I trust that I am equally as awesome for her.  I can also appreciate the fact that she felt comfortable telling me a waiter hit on her.  But I think most importantly, I am pretty lucky to know that she chooses me over hordes of attractive and intriguing men (and in this instance, that one of those intriguingly attractive men know that I’m the one she’s with.)

But anyway.. just trying to be more honest about my life in my publicly accessible writings.


One thought on “Wanted”

  1. Randy Lau Noobs you are 100% equally awesome and amazing!!! There is no arm in the world I would rather have around my shoulder. I miss you so much already and I cant wait to see you again!!! Ps I just got home safe and will be calling you in…. about 5 minites 🙂

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