It’s been a pretty intense few weeks – 12-16 hour weekdays + weekends at work to meet a deadline, on top of the personal goals I have for myself.

Yesterday was equally as intense: sleep at 3am after delivering to our client + picking up the gf from LAX, waking up at 8am to drive to LAX, flying to San Jose, driving a rental car for an hour to Santa Cruz, watching one of my best friends from kindergarten get married (and standing around awkwardly not knowing anyone), driving back to San Jose at 4pm, flying back to LAX, driving to DTLA, finding overnight parking, getting my Swedish House Mafia ticket that my friends dropped off at a hotel front desk, finding a taxi to SHM, getting my Camelbak through security, and finding my friends in a crowd of 30,000, all by 9pm.

But nonetheless, yesterday was an incredible way to reward myself for all the hard work.  There was absolutely no way I was going to miss Tim’s wedding, and seeing his smile as he watched his bride walk down the aisle was priceless.  And despite the transportation clusterfuck I went through, when I finally made it inside SHM, the warm, excited welcome I received from my closest friends + girlfriend was yet another priceless moment.  The night ended with good talks and good partying.

Life is sweet.


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