I was talking with Amy the other day about ‘nights’ with our friends.  Over the past 8 years, many infamous, crazy nights of ours have earned names for quick reference in conversation.  To try to take a trip down memory lane (of forgotten nights):

Krumping night (2007?)
ER night (2012)
Bang Bus night (2010)
Short Bus night (2012)
EBC (2013)
EDC (2012)
Volcano night (2009)
Horse Mask night (2012?)
Halloween night (Butterfly edition – 2010)
Halloween night (Angel edition – 2009)
Halloween night (Cat and Mouse edition – 2011)
Black Light night (2009)
Fog Machine night (2012 – at Big Bear)
Memorial Day (2009)
Memorial Day (2011)
Bartender night + Hangover morning (2010)
Brown night (at Rieber Terrace – 2006)

I am sure I have left some very important nights out of here.  BUT, I am very VERY lucky to have the friends that I do, because I can be an idiot around them and trust that I’ll be safe from judgment and physical harm.


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