In an attempt to vanquish my 3 months of on/off sniffles, I spent a weekend sober.  It’s not like I’ve haven’t done this in the past, but only when I’m a weekend hermit with myself and/or my girlfriend.   Usually when my homies are shitfaced on a Friday night, I am equally obliterated.

Anyway, it was probably the first time I was sober when my friends were drunk.  I’ve always known this intellectually, but even with nothing foreign coursing through my liver, I was able to have a very memorable night (we could probably call it ‘iPad night’) filled with uninhibitedness and deep talks.  I think it reinforces how comfortable I am around the people I’ve held closest to my heart over the past 8 years.  I am lucky to be a part of a group where everyone truly TRULY holds deep admiration and appreciation for every other individual, and that we all feel safe in expressing it to each other.


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