Sexy Agile

The misses sent me an interesting article about Spotify’s Agile process and how they steer a technical team of over 250.  This has probably no short term relevance to what I’m doing because the team that I work with is much, much smaller than anything that would necessitate what they describe, but still interesting nonetheless because I can imagine the type of problems we’d have if we grew to be that large.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 10.44.01 PM

After I finished reading it, I then realized that it was an article that my very own girlfriend shared with me – not to be misconstrued in any sexist shape or form.  To use a word with questionable taboo, I found it very sexy.  I was more blown away imagining her reading it in entirety and storing it away in her mental knowledge base.  I’m sure there are plenty of females who know the Agile process way more than I do and who read up on this stuff all the time, but it was another reminder of how intriguing and inquisitive my girlfriend is.


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