After months of anticipation, Kat and I are finally on the first leg of our months-long trip in Bali. We had a series of flights and layovers that took us 30 hours, and ended up sleeping in a corner crevice at the Singapore airport for 8 hours while we waited for our final flight to Bali.

It is a strange but interesting experience just going with the flow, planning a day or two at a time, deciding what will happen next. Our original “plan” was getting a one way ticket to Bali, Indonesia. We picked a hotel to stay at when we arrived in Bali a few hours before we landed yesterday. We had no transportation booked from Ngurah Rai airport to our hotel, and ended up walking far far away from the airport to find a trustworthy taxi. We had no actual reservation when we got to our hotel, and ended up having to pay twice the amount on the internet (for $42, it was a pretty swank ass room, even for Vegas standards.)

Being somewhat turned off by the whole hotel/foreigner/haggling thing, Kat brilliantly thought to look on for tonight’s stay, and we are now currently sitting in a private bedroom in this Polish couple’s house. We thought we were going to die or get our kidneys removed when we first got to the shady ass entrance, but we were greeted by the couple immediately. airbnb looks like the way to go for a lot of our trip going forward. I think they’re going to cook us dinner pretty soon (it’s currently 7:30pm).

We have a few touristy things that we want to do and see in Bali and beyond (snorkeling, temples, beaches, surfing, massages, yoga, hikes). We are not attacking the countries we go to, or burning out on attempting to see 10000 things in a week. For the most part, Kat and I both agree that this trip is for introspection. I personally want to discover myself and learn to embrace who I am, and define who I want to become. I want to figure out the business I want to start when I return, and all the right reasons to devote all of my passion and energy into it. I want to enjoy the trials and triumphs that come with being with Kat for 24/7/6, and understand our relationship much more in depth. Beyond that, I want to clarify what I actually want to get out of this trip.

As for actually being in foreign lands, I definitely want to have fun and experience common bucket list items, but I am more interested in having conversations with people who live here. I feel weird looking outside-in at a culture, walking around like a huge dollar sign. I would much rather talk with people and get their take on culture, or volunteer and help and build rapport outside of a financial transaction.

For once, I feel no rush in trying to accomplish anything in the short term. I still have longer term goals that I am itching to achieve, but I feel a unique sense of freedom from time and obligation. We have, give or take, 6 months of time. I am very curious to see what I am like when I return home.


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