I’m a few days late, but Hanh, someone I consider a brother, just proposed to Arena, his girlfriend of 9+ years. Nowadays I’m at the age where I see an engagement announcement on Facebook like almost every other day, but something about hearing about the news from people so incredibly close to my heart compels me to write about it.

I’ve known Hanh for a little over 9 years now ever since we were wee freshmen at UCLA. Hanh has taught me a lot about life, but one of the biggest things that hit home for me is his commitment to Arena and the relationship that they share together. As an impressionable yunG stunna fresh out of highschool, I really had no idea what a lasting relationship was like beyond what I had seen in movies, and what you see in movies is generally a very fairy-tale, entertaining, and dramatized relationship. But as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+ years passed by, I got second-hand experiences of what I feel a successful relationship should be like, and it deeply inspires me to reflect the same commitment in my own relationship.

As with any two people that grow, change, and evolve through such a defining decade together, they’ve had their own unique challenges. But by far, they’re my biggest living example of the ideal that I’m absolutely going to face challenges in my life with the person I love – what matters most is how I get through it.

Now that you’re engaged, it hits the message even further and deeper home. I am so incredibly happy for the both of you. Congratulations guys!


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